Nuvem to Mopa airport taxi service fare Sedan ₹2000/ Ertiga.  ₹2500




 from Nuvem to Mopa airport:


- Pick-up:The taxi will pick you up at your specified location in Nuvem at the agreed-upon time.

- Travel Time:The journey from Nuvem to Mopa airport typically takes around 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on traffic conditions.

- Route:The taxi will take the most efficient route, which usually involves traveling via NH66 and/or other connecting roads.

- Drop-off: Upon reaching Mopa airport, the taxi will drop you off at the designated terminal or location specified by you.

- Assistance: The driver can assist you with luggage and any other requirements during the journey.


Make sure to book your taxi in advance to ensure availability and confirm any specific preferences or requirements you may have for your journey.


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