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Bike Taxi in Goa Rapido Alternative & Local Bike Rental Near me

Bike Taxi in Goa & Local Bike Rental Near me 

Goa is a state located on the southwestern coast of India, and the Arabian Sea forms its western coast. Goa is India’s fourth-smallest populated state and the smallest state by area, but Goa is visited by a large number of domestic and international tourists. Goa is known for its white-sand beaches, nightlife, places of worship and World-Heritage listed architecture. Goa is a scenic holiday destination as the state is located on the western ghats.

With the increasing number of tourists, transportation remains a critical aspect of tourism in Goa. Talking about transportation, Goa is a well-connected state with air, rail and road connectivity. But the challenge is transportation within the state. With tourists flocking every year, there have been several innovations in local transportation. Yes, bike taxis are one of those smart solutions for commuting within the state. As you know Goa is a very small state, taxis on two wheels come in handy.


Shared mobility is a booming concept across the country, and especially in metro cities. Goa is also not an exception when it comes to bike-sharing or bike taxi. With the increasing footfalls of tourists, the demand for two-wheel taxis has increased at a rapid rate. Commuting to some of the well-known tourist spots around Goa is very easy, just hitch a taxi on two wheels. Two-wheelers taxis are more affordable than four-wheeler taxis, and they can go where a car cannot go.


Given the fact that the two-wheel taxi rides are economical and fast, most of the tourists prefer to hire a two-wheeler taxi to explore Goa. The bike taxi riders in Goa are called Pilots, and you can easily identify two-wheeler taxis with their yellow mudguard and yellow number plate. A two-wheeler taxi can carry only one passenger at a time. Currently, bike taxis are becoming popular in and around Goa as it offers an affordable commuting option for the tourists. Exploring Goa on a two-wheeler is convenient when compared to a regular four-wheeler taxi. Two-wheel taxis deliver high fuel efficiency, and hence the fares are comparatively low when compared to other transportation options.


Benefits of bike taxi in Goa

  • Two-wheel taxis can easily navigate the narrow roads of Goa and reach places which cannot be accessed by a four-wheeler.
  • Taxis on two wheels are economical and easy to find.
  • Two-wheeler taxis are the best solution for short-distance commuting.
  • Taxis on two wheels are faster when compared to a regular four-wheeler taxi.
  • Two-wheel taxis produce less carbon emissions when compared to a four-wheeler taxi.
  • One can easily find bike taxi rides, and it is a very convenient option for tourists.


Popular bike taxi locations in Goa


Baga Beach: One of the most popular beaches in Goa is the Baga Beach. Located in North Goa, Baga Beach is one of the most happening places in Goa. The Baga Beach is famous for beach shacks, pubs, restaurants, shops, nightclubs and water sports activities. The water sport activities include speed boats, paragliding, surfboarding, banana riding, paddle boarding and much more. Naturally, Baga Beach is a crowded location, and two-wheeler taxis are a very convenient mode of transport for tourists. Navigating the crowded streets of Goa becomes a lot easier with the help of two-wheel taxis, and the fares are also economical.


Calangute Beach: Goa is known for its picturesque beaches, and the Calangute Beach is the largest in North Goa. Calangute Beach is also called as the ‘Queen of beaches’ in Goa. The beach stretches around 6.5km and is located between Baga and Candolim beach. Calangute Beach is known for its soft sand, and it attracts a lot of tourists. Two-wheeler taxis play a crucial role in commuting for tourists. Economical fares and convenience make it a sensible option for short commutes in Goa. Hopping around beaches on a two-wheeler is so much fun, and two-wheeler taxis are the best option to do that.


Vagator Beach: Another well-known beach in north Goa is the Vagator Beach, and it is situated near Chapora Fort. Vagator Beach is further divided into Big Vagator, Middle Vagator and Little Vagator by rocks. Vagator Beach is famous for midnight parties during the peak season. The beach is also known for adventure activities, restaurants and local handicraft market. The view of the sunset from Vagator Beach is impressive. Vagator Beach is easily accessible thanks to two-wheeler taxis. Tourists find it easy and affordable to hire a two-wheeler taxi.


Aguada Fort: Built by the Portugues, the Aguada Fort was constructed to prevent the entry of ships into the River Mandovi, and thus protecting old Goa from attackers. The Aguada Fort is one of the major heritage sites in Goa and one of the prime tourist attractions. The fort is easily accessible from Panaji and other locations of Goa. You can easily find a taxi on two wheels to reach Aguada Fort. Two-wheeler taxis have made travelling within Goa easy and affordable for the tourists.


Colva Beach: One of the prime tourist attractions in South Goa is Colva Beach. It is the oldest and largest beach in South Goa. Colva Beach is one of the most happening places in Goa, and it is crowded, especially on weekends. The beach is known for shacks and restaurants, nightlife and shopping. The beach is just 8m from the Margao Railway Station, and it is easily accessible for tourists. Bike or two-wheeler taxis have made it even easier for tourists to access such scenic locations around Goa.


Reis Magos Fort: One of the prime tourist attractions of Goa is the Reis Magos Fort which is located on the northern bank of river Mandovi. The fort was built by Portuguese to defend Goa in 1739 against the Marathas. One can enjoy a beautiful view of River Mandovi from the Reis Magos Fort. There are many more things to see on the fort. The fort is just 7km from Panjim Kadamba bus station. You can always hire a bike taxi to explore the place conveniently. Affordable price and ease of use make two-wheel taxis the best option to commute around Goa.


Bike taxi services in Goa


ZipHop: The self-driven bikes are very popular in Goa. ZipHop is a bike rental service provider in Goa. You can just rent a two-wheeler from the fleet, and the vehicle can be rented on an hourly basis or for any number of days. ZipHop offers a wide range of two-wheelers for rest starting from scooters, commuter bikes and even high-end motorcycles. Exploring Goa is so much fun, and it gives a sense of freedom with a two-wheeler at your disposal. ZipHop offers bikes for rent at a reasonable price, and exploring Goa has never been so much fun!


Urban Drive: Goa is a place where people come to have a ball of a time, and tourists prefer to explore the places on their own. That’s when self-driven bikes come in handy. Urban Drive is another famous bike rental firm around Goa. Urban Drive offers scooter, commuter bikes, sports bikes, cruiser bikes and superbikes. The best part is you can rent a bike by the hour, day, week or even month. There are flexible plans to choose from with limited and unlimited kilometre options. Renting bikes on rent is easy and convenient with Urban Drive. Choose your bike, plan and just ride away!


RentaBike: Goa is one of the most preferred holiday destinations in India. The increase in the number of tourists has led to the inception of several bike rental firms. RentaBike is a one-stop solution for all your rental bike requirements. You can pick up the bike from various locations around Goa. There is no limit to the number of kilometres, and you can drop off the vehicle at the location. You can choose from scooters, cruiser and superbikes and rent one as per your requirement. Bike rental has been made accessible in Goa with platforms such as RentaBike.


ZopRent: Self-drive bikes are very popular in Goa as they give you the freedom to explore the place on your own. ZopRent offers a variety of scooters and bike on rent around Goa. You can choose from a large fleet of vehicles which includes scooters, commuter bikes and sports bikes. You can rent for a few hours, a day, week or even on a monthly basis. You can confirm the same over a phone call with ZopRent to make sure your booking is made. Just go to the pick-up point and start riding!


Rent My Bike: Exploring the countless beaches of Goa on a bike is everyone’s dream. Thankfully, renting a bike in Goa is a walk in the park. Rent My bike offers a wide range of scooters and bikes for rent around various locations of Goa. You can also pick the bike directly from Goa airport. Rent My Bike has a large fleet of vehicles which includes scooters, commuter bikes, sports bikes, cruisers and superbikes. You can rent a bike at an affordable price and explore the scenic beaches of Goa.


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